Wellness Care

Preventive care is the basis for helping our patients live long, healthy lives.  From the first puppy and kitten visits all the way through their senior years, we treat each of our patients as individuals. Our recommendations on vaccines, nutrition, parasite control and health issues are tailored to the needs of each animal and their human family.

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Senior Care

As pets reach their golden years, they often require changes in nutrition, exercise and health care to continue to live long, healthy and comfortable lives. Preventative care plays an enormous role in wellness and early disease detection.  At Shoreline Animal Hospital we assess each senior pet as an individual and make recommendations based on a physical exam, thorough history, lifestyle, and laboratory results.

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Stress Free Visits to the Veterinarian

There is no question that bringing a pet to the vet for a visit can potentially be stressful for both animals and owners!   Animals can experience stress during the car ride, during handling and holding by unfamiliar people, seeing other patients in the office, and even while being placed on an exam table.  Pet parents get stressed when their animals are stressed, and vice versa.

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Dental pictures 033


Good oral health is a very important part of your pet’s overall healthcare, and let’s face it- bad breath can make your pet less pleasant to be around.   Many owners find it difficult to look closely at their pet’s teeth at home, and thus dental problems go unnoticed.

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House Calls

We know that for some pets, the process of getting in the car and traveling to the vet’s office is much more stressful than the exam or the vaccines. Many pets simply don’t get the care they need because it is too difficult to get them to the office for an appointment, and too stressful for their owners.

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At Shoreline Animal Hospital safety, comfort, and individualized care are first priorities for our surgical patients.  We perform a range of outpatient surgeries for cats and dogs including spays and neuters, lump removals, bladder stone surgery, eyelid surgery, laceration repairs, oral/ dental surgery and more.

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Laboratory & Radiology

Shoreline Animal Hospital offers an in house Idexx laboratory that can provide a full chemistry blood panel and CBC (complete blood count) in less than an hour.  Rapid results are important in sick patients to help with a fast diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan.

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Old Dog

End Of Life Care

No matter how long a pet has been part of your family, at some point most pet owners have to face the heartbreaking process of saying goodbye. We understand how difficult it can be to make decisions regarding end of life care for a loved pet and we are here to help!

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